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You're confusing dopamine with endogenous opioids.

you don't need to talk about a neurotransmitter and describe it inaccurately, you could just write about your feelings and experiences.

Dopamine doesn't give you the satisfied feeling, it marks where you have gotten the satisfied feeling in the past. Endogenous opioids are responsible for the actual satisfied feelings, not dopamine.

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You could share that without coming across rudely. This is a rock climbing article, not neuroscience daily. That said... from a science article:

" Dopamine is responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. When you feel good that you have achieved something, it's because you have a surge of dopamine in the brain. "

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Thanks for sharing your story, Leslie. Rock climbing sounds like the ultimate sport... a "mind-body puzzle", breathtaking scenery and camaraderie. I'm happy you're injury-free and back out there climbing. The meta takeaway on dopamine hits is something we can all relate to.

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